A Little Pre-Production Saves Dollars

Posted by J. Dolan Barry ~ August 30, 2011 @ 11:08    

Often people decide they need a video then decide they can’t afford a video. The fact is they may not be able to afford one video but three videos. If you plan to make a 5-minute video on your organization, think big. You will need to interview 5-6 people, shoot 8-10 locations for visuals, and edit 4 days to make a high produced video. Whether you shoot in high definition or standard definition, this is the general set time for production. If you have the key personnel sitting down to be interviewed, ask them questions that could be used for a second video segment. From a 20-minute interview, maybe 45 seconds to a minute will be used in the original video. Break up the complete answers into themes and run them as one-minute web clips…you will end up with 9-10 video clips that can run on your site or on YouTube and put a new one up every month. It will help to keep your message new.

And the five-minute video can be cut into segments that run separately. Most videos will have an open segment; a few middle segments and a close/conclusion segment. With graphic effects, these segments can run separately on the web, or cut into Public Service Announcements to run on local television.

The bottom line: if the video production cost X, for an additional 15 % of X you will end up with a lot more video and a head start on the next video that will cost %25 less of X.  And all it took was a little pre-production.

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